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Nothing motivates us more than a good playlist. Follow the official #besackreligious playlist on Tidal!

BeSackReligious is part family business - part activism - part personal blog - part community. With love for all things goth, punk, subversive, radical, subculture, counterculter and hope for an inclusive future for us all. Join our music list.  Join the conversation.  We intend for this to be a way to elevate #subcultures and maybe be a little snarky in the process. Because the truth is, we're a little stressed. A lot. And we don't just want to survive, we want to make a difference. It matters to us. A lot matters to us. A lot. Our #worldview is that of #inclusion #mutualrespect #support and #compassion we have a list a mile long of causes that we care about.  In our family unit, we represent a few subcultures and feel strongly that even so we come from a place of #privilege and want to use that for the advancement of human kindness and connection.

We'd love to hear from you -- What are your favorite things that sometimes make you feel "outcast"? And how has bullying affected who you are? How has a lack of acceptance and tolerance shaped your world view? What uplifting stories of inclusion can you share?

We are one human #family

#beyou #bereal #beextra #besackreligious

creative designs - original political art - community activism through art

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