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BeSackReligious has been many things since its conception; part family business - part activism - part personal blog - part community. At its core, it started as an appreciation for all things goth, punk, subversive, radical, subculture, and a sincere hope for an inclusive future for all of us.

With our aesthetic in mind we set out initially to sell intentionally subversive reusable shopping bags, hence the name, and it grew to include other fashion accessories, and still does, you can find all of it on our Etsy.

Since you can't change the world simply by selling things and changing the world is at the center of my desire to create, I eventually added a Blog and tried my hand at Vlogging, you can start there to get to know me, and of course, feel free to explore the rest of the website:

Now, BeSackReligious will continue being those things, I want to expand their breadth and scope from merely "online store and blog" to a robust “creative platform and community". Which is the main reason this page exists. To build this community. It’s time to bring my biggest creative project out into the light. Duality. Duality is the collective name of a sci-fi world that's been germinating in my brain for nearly a decade. It started with a single sentence in the back of a college notebook:

“1,000 years in the future humanity must reconcile with the mistakes of its past to save its present.”

I am just so excited to share with you the growing list of projects that are bringing this world to life, and I want to spend more time there so you can join me one day as well. As is the way with most projects of this magnitude and nature the time committed to it is dependent on the time and brainpower I have leftover from work and other responsibilities and worries. So, a Patreon page is one ingredient in bringing this massive world to life.

You see I’ve expanded on that small spark quite a bit. Over long car rides with my family, in short spurts of inspiration, scribbled notes after a shower; but always on the periphery. And while I may have forgotten more than I've recorded, over the course of the last year not only has the message in the world of Duality become more important, but I've also had the time and tools to really start developing these ideas. In essence, these are the projects you will be funding, and get to enjoy watching them grow, by supporting me on Patreon:


  • Duality: Quietus

      • A novel that really sets the tone and messaging.

      • A character-driven story focused on Cera, a drive punk whose brother was taken when they were little, her life sucks but she doesn't believe there's anything different until things start going very wrong.

      • Take the plot of the Labyrinth, smash it together with the plot of Snowpiercer, throw it into the Expanse, ask the questions of I, Robot, in the atmosphere of H.P. Lovecraft

      • Ambition Level: 6/10

        • In my skill level, though I've never published a book

        • Will take time

  • Duality: The TTRPG

      • A table-top RPG in the same setting.

      • Sort of a prequel to the events of the novel. Character creation is more about creating the home ship your characters are from, emphasizing how circumstance can shape who we are.

      • Think cyberpunk, investigative dungeon crawling in space.

      • Ambition Level: 5/10

        • I feel really confident in my ability to design an engaging TTRPG, I've wanted to do this the longest out of all of them, and it may excite me the most

        • It Will take time and a lot of work

  • Duality: Balance

      • A table-top board game set in the same setting.

      • An abstraction of the events of the novel.

      • A psuedo-cooperative, "city" management, worker placement, survival game

      • Ambition Level: 3/10

        • I've been working with board games professionally for the last 5 years, and unprofessionally my whole life.

        • I'm a few good work sessions away from a print and play prototype

  • Duality: Entropy

      • A video game set in the same setting.

      • I want this game to emphasize cooperation and scarcity within its mechanics and narrative.

      • I envision a game with a ridiculous number of playable characters (ridiculous being subjective I suppose), but essentially each character will be mortal. And eventually, they will all die, thus the title.

      • Featuring music by my sister!

      • Using RPG Maker currently. Demo soon!

      • The Terra Luna

      • Ambition Level: 8/10

        • Definitely seems possible to me, but by far this will take the most learning and effort to make progress on.

I hope now you're as interested in seeing this world come to life as I am and will consider supporting me. If you are, sign up today on Patreon! If not, I invite you to join the Discord anyway, you're missing out on some great perks, but you can join any time. Sign up below for email alerts for public updates and content releases.

#beyou #bereal #beextra #besackreligious

Thank you for your interest!

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