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Goodnight Doom

In the white oval room

There was a computer running zoom

And the orange buffoon

And a vision of-

An overwhelming sense of doom

And there were senators sitting on ventilators

And six million infections

And impending evictions

And a failing post

And another boast

And blame and a lie and two hundred thousand die

And a country yelling “I can’t breathe”

Goodnight room

Goodnight zoom

Goodnight overwhelming sense of doom

Goodnight right

And the red buffoon

Goodnight senators

Goodnight ventilators

Goodnight infections

And goodnight evictions

Goodnight police

And goodnight peace

Goodnight failing post

And goodnight boast

Goodnight blame

And goodnight lie

Goodnight everyone

Who has died

And goodnight country yelling “I can’t breathe”

Goodnight fear

Goodnight vote

Goodnight voices everywhere

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