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How are you? Tired

Each night I try my best to sleep, But in the morning I'm prone to weep I suppose, technically I am awake Still, I wonder, if more drugs I should take Big ideas spinning through my head All of them impossible for the living dead Tired to the core of every bone It would probably help to put away my phone I wish I could cure fatigue that is chronic Find a magic pill or perfect tonic Daily experiments prove unfruitful Despite my efforts to be so dutiful I think it’s possible I was born like this Wiring in my brain means I’m free of bliss Life is already hard enough to manage Least of all when living with damage People always ask if I’m ok My face really does just look that way For as long as I can recall The bags under my eyes have never been small A simple question of “How are you?” The answer for me is hard to argue I feel like life is passing by And I’m way too tired to even try

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